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With the previous pre orders success we're excited to start our 2018 wheel sale!  Pre order price will save you 10% off of our regular price of $100.  As a bonus, orders of 4 or more wheels, will save an additional $5 each.  A 50% deposit is required with the order.  PRE ORDER will end on 2/3/2018, and wheels will be ordered the next day. 

It will take about 4-6 weeks for wheels to arrive at our shop (roughly March 10th). After that, we'll email you an invoice for the remaining balance and shipping cost. Wheels will ship immediately after final payment.

After 2-3-18, deposits are non-refundable. If you need to change wheels specs, it will have to be before 2-4-18. Once I place the order, it is very hard to change anything. If you have any questions, feel free to call us at (920)562-8696.


Custom & Commercial Wheel makes some of the best racing wheels for your buggy.  Made in the USA.

Order 4 or more wheels and get $5 off each wheel! 

Widths: 5", 6", 7" or 8" Available

Colors: Wheels are not painted,    

Styles Available:

Spoke - Lightest Design, ~5lbs lighter than Mod style.

Desert Star - Medium weight and strength, +$2 each.

Mod - Heavy Duty, Strongest Design, +$2 each.  I use these on my 1600 Light Buggy and they are durable.  This will be the 4th season on the same set of wheels with no major damage.  Even after a few flats and multiple contacts.

We recommend using a weld on bead ring on the outer flange, we'll be adding them to our store in the near future.

Bolt Pattern: 4 lug 4 x 130mm, or 5 Lug 5 on 205mm  

Backspacing:  We have the lowest backspacing available online for VW wheels. Please add your size in the options menu.  Refer to the info below for available sizes,  

4 Lug Mod,Spoke or Desert Star: 3.5" to 1.5"

5 Lug Mod: 3.5" to 1.625"

5 Lug Spoke or Desert Star : 3.5" to 1.25"

**** Backspacing is measured from the inboard bead flange to the inside of hub mounting flange. ****

**** Width is measured between the inside of the tire seat bead to other bead.****


  • Item #: CCW
  • Manufacturer: Custom & Commercial Wheel

VW Steel Racing Wheel - 15" - 2018 PRE ORDER SALE!!!

Price: $100.00
4 or more: $85.00 each
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