Shock Rebuilding & Repair Service

Don't have the tools or time to maintenance your shocks?  Let Pdank Performance do it for you.  We have years of experience servicing our own shocks and would like to help our customers out.  For 2019, you will be able to get your shocks repaired at our Track support trailer.  We have a thorough inventory of King and Fox shock parts to get you back on the track.   

 Rebuilds Include:

  • Disassembly, cleaning and inspection.
  • New Seals and Shock Oil
  • Shaft deburring/polishing
  • Valving identification
  • Repair recommendation if needed
  • Reassembly to factory specs
  • Coil Springs setup
  • Nitrogen charge - Free refills at Pdank Track Support Trailer

 Common Repair Services:

  • Nitrogen Recharge
  • Revalving
  • Bent shaft
  • Loose Bearings
  • Eyelet, Body, or Hose damage
  • Stud Repair

***Please clean the outside of the shocks before sending to us.  Heavy cleaning will be an extra cost. ***

  • Manufacturer: PDank Off Road


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