Holley Double Pumper Tuning Kit
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Carb Calibration Kit - Double Pumper - Case/Gaskets/Jets/Power Valves/Squirters - Holley 4150 Carburetors - Kit

  • 4 Each - 8 Metering Jet Sizes ranging from #70-84
  • 2 each #35 and # 37 pump nozzles
  • 3 Power Valves sises 3.5, 4.5 and 5.0
  • 12 Metering Block Gaskets
  • 12 Fuel Bowl Gaskets
  • Misc. Pump Nozzle
  • Misc. Power Valve
  • Misc. Fuel Bowl Screw, pump nozzle and power valve Gaskets

These Holley carburetor tuning/calibration kits contain a selection of main jets, pump nozzles, and power valves in popular sizes, all contained in a handy and durable compartmentalized plastic case. Ideal for trackside tuning, these kits provide a quick and easy way to accomplish your carburetor tuning with the correct parts. In addition, the parts case allows you to keep parts organized and readily at hand. A handy parts guide is affixed to the inside case cover. Numbers referenced on the parts guide will assist you in reordering components when necessary. Gaskets are included to facilitate carburetor re-assembly.

  • Item #: HLY36-182
  • Manufacturer: Holley

Holley Double Pumper Tuning Kit

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