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Custom & Commercial Wheel makes some of the best racing wheels for your buggy.  Made in the USA.

Order 4 or more wheels and get $5 off each wheel! 

Widths: 5", 6", 7" or 8" Available

Colors: Wheels come Unpainted, Powdercoating is available in White, Black or Flat Black for $5 each.     

Styles Available:

Spoke - Lightest Design, ~5lbs lighter than Mod style.

Desert Star - Medium weight and strength, +$2 each.

Mod - Heavy Duty, Strongest Design, +$2 each.  I use these on my 1600 Light Buggy and they are durable.  This will be the 4th season on the same set of wheels with no major damage.  Even after a few flats and multiple contacts.

We recommend using a weld on bead ring on the outer flange, we'll be adding them to our store in the near future.

Bolt Pattern: 4 lug 4 x 130mm, or 5 Lug 5 on 205mm  

Backspacing:  We have the lowest backspacing available online for VW wheels. Please add your size in the options menu.  Refer to the info below for available sizes,  

4 Lug Mod,Spoke or Desert Star: 3.5" to 1.5"

5 Lug Mod: 3.5" to 1.625"

5 Lug Spoke or Desert Star : 3.5" to 1.25"

**** Backspacing is measured from the inboard bead flange to the inside of hub mounting flange. ****

**** Width is measured between the inside of the tire seat bead to other bead.****


  • Item #: CCW
  • Manufacturer: Custom & Commercial Wheel

VW Steel Racing Wheel - 15" - MADE IN THE USA

Price: $100.00
4 or more: $85.00 each
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